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The Sweet Goodness Story 

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... began as a hobby and a dream, which became an amazing plan - that resulted in an exciting small business in January of 2019.

Located in Northern Lancaster County, Sweet Goodness is owned and operated by Gail M. Crouse. Originally selling candy through personal contacts and social media, the business expanded to local cafés and then to it's own Web address.

Sweet Goodness By Gail

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Gail began her candy-making journey with a double boiler and a few cookie sheets. She experienced great satisfaction in giving away her hand-made creations. They made people happy! The journey to find a way to use her creations to help Non-Profits raise funds repeatedly met with closed doors. A separate kitchen facility would be necessary to make this dream come true.


The Sweet Goodness  kitchen began to take shape on the lower level of the Crouse residence in the Fall of 2018, and was completed in January of 2019.


...exists to offer delicious, high quality and creatively hand-crafted chocolates for the enjoyment of all who taste.

Sweet Goodness By Gail 

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